Hi folks?

Business isn’t like it used to be. Things are much different now than it was a long time a go. Trends are constantly changing, so is what it takes to be successful in business. It’s extremely cut throat if you want to thrive and got get eaten alive by your competitors.

A certain amount of traits from everywhere are important as an Entrepreneur. You need a little bit of everything. But to be too much of something, can be bad traits.

  • Dreamer

    It’s one thing to dream, and to take action on those dreams. Most people that have all these glorified dreams almost never act on them. They spend all their time dreaming about what they could be doing, or where their future should be that they never actually take any action to start doing it.

    If you dream, act on those dreams.
  • Cocky

    A certain amount of cockyness is a good thing, but too much is bad.

    It doesn’t matter how good you think you are, there are always other Entrepreneurs, and other businesses that are better.

    There is always room for you to improve. You are not perfect. You should be learning each and everyday constantly.

    Don’t let being cocky stop you from growing yourself and being a better Entrepreneur. Cocky people tend to not self improve, then they become irrelevant as the world passes them over.
  • Honest

    Nice guys finish last. This is a saying that has been around a while. And it’s very true in business. A certain amount of honesty can only take you so far.

    People that get ahead in business learn to bend rules to suit their needs. This doesn’t mean breaking laws, but it means walking that line. But doing so gets you further ahead in life, and in business.

    People that are too honest are just too nice and don’t have that aggression that an Entrepreneurs needs to grow and compete to be successful.
  • Toxic

    Toxic people are just terrible. No one wants to be around you. Your staff, family, and ‘friends’ don’t want to be near you.

    A toxic person will spend more time online acting as a troll and bringing other people down to feel better about themselves.

    This is a trait you do not want to have as an Entrepreneur outside of a very heated board room meeting.
  • Tunnel Visioner

    You can’t have tunnel vision as an Entrepreneur. Don’t just focus on one single thing.

    You need to have a clear understanding of your entire situation as you grow a business. Awareness of everything as a whole picture is very important.

    There will be many times in business you need to pivot. You need to move away from your current focus and do something else to survive. If you have tunnel vision, you’re going to run your business into the ground chasing the wrong path.
  • Perfectionist

    Business is never perfect. If you are a perfectionist, you need to take a step back and let some of that control go.

    There is no time in business to do everything perfect. You need to move fast in business, time is precious. Especially in the beginning. You don’t have time to do everything perfect. Business doesn’t care if things are perfect.

    You just need to do things to the point where ‘it’s enough’ and move onto the next thing. Don’t spend too long on one single thing trying to perfect it. Long term, this will negatively affect you and your business.
  • Fears Failing

    Never fear failing as an Entrepreneur. Everyone fails at some point. The best Entrepreneurs in the world have all failed at some point, some even multiple times.

    You need to embrace failure. When failure comes knocking, this is the best opportunity in your life to get the best learning. You learn more, and faster when you are failing. And this makes you a way better Entrepreneur.

    If you fear failing, it will affect that golden information you could be absorbing that will make your next project more successful.
  • Money Chasers

    Don’t chase money, too much.

    People that only chase money have a tenancy to constantly change their ideas. They constantly follow in the footsteps of others who have found success.

    Everyone experiences things differently, where one person finds success, doesn’t mean you will, and vise versa. Money chases tend to bounce around too much and they don’t have faith their own project will earn them money if they don’t see any money coming in.

    One day you read a story about someone making a million dollars selling jewelry, so the money chaser opens a jewelry store… three months later he/she makes no money, and reads about someone making two million dollars in the pet industry, so that money chaser closes the jewelry store and opens a pet supply shop…. you get the point.

    A money chaser is the type of person that joins every single get rich scheme to make money fast. But in reality gets no where.
  • Procrastinators

    There is no time in business for you to be doing this.

    You have to take things one step at a time, as they show up in your face. Don’t put anything aside to do later. Do it now.

    Got 500 emails? Get them now, even if you have to skip a meal or go to sleep later. Procrastinators tend to push things to the side and do it later. Eventually that 400 emails grows to 40,000+.
  • Patient

    A little patience can be a good thing in business. But it can also be devastating.

    The best Entrepreneurs I know are not patient people. In fact, every top Entrepreneur I know doesn’t have patience as a trait.

    My investors, my mentors, and my business partners are not patient people.

    You can’t have that much patience in business. Only you can control your business. Your actions. You can’t wait around for thing to happen. You have to actively make them happen.

    If you are a very patient person, then you aren’t forcibly making things happen, and you are losing out on a lot of opportunities.
  • People Pleaser 

    People pleasers tend to end up pleasing no one in the end. If you try to please everyone, you please no one.

    You need to set a niche, and stick to it. Don’t try to make everyone in the world happy, you can’t.

    For every person you make happy, there will be others you make upset. This is how business just is.