It depending on your situations, dream you have,but the reasons might differ. However: some may sound weird to you.

  • When you’re being sacked. Sounds crazy, but think of it: now you’ve got nothing to lose, eh? No hard choice between quitting or not quitting your job – you’re already out of the boat and free to do as you please. If you have some sort of savings to last on, this might be the time to go.
  • Right opportunity. Even if you are not sure if you are ready or not, or how to handle it – if life says “let’s…” – you’d better accept.
  • Misfortune or illness, and nobody there to help you. I’ve seen this happening: my close friend was not having college fees , and he started his business to raise fund for the college . If you are strong-spirited, this is the way to go. Not the best way, but sometimes the choice is limited.
  • Envy. Someone started a business and succeeded, and you’ve lacked that kick to finally start moving. If a kick is all you need, this might be your reason.
  • Desperate need for money. If you need money, like, now, – nothing will hold you back. No false shame or back thoughts: you are ready to do what it take you to fulfill your dream.