11 secrets of small business success

Today we live in a digital age, where the evolution of internet and eCommerce has Changed our lifestyle and habits too.

Nowadays, more and more people used to shop online when it comes to making a decision on choosing which products and services to buy. As per the survey only 71%, not even ¾ of all small businesses, have opted into developing their own website. In fact, 29% of small businesses still don’t have their online presence.

Here, I would like to share some useful tips which will help you to grow your business online.

1. Choose a best online store builder

If you are new to online business and don’t have any website yet, there are many online store builders available in the market which let you create an amazing online store within just 24 hours! Even when you don’t have any technical knowledge.

2. ​Choose The Perfect Website Themes For Your Online Store

It can be said the yes, your website visitors would be judging your store by the first look. Your website theme is like the face of your business and it deserves a great theme. You can also find best eCommerce website themes form online theme store.

3. ​Use Popups to generate leads.

Do you want visitors to sign up for your newsletter, or you want to send theme latest offers regularly? Then lead them to this desired action with popups. Many websites get caught up in conveying who they are, what they offer and why they’re the best in the industry and they leave the consumers’ needs in the shadows.

4.​ Tell your business Story to your visitors

Story telling is a great art to engage people and you can use it for your business too! You can share your experience that how you get the idea to create your business, how did you face challenges of business and what’s your motive and future goals.

5.​ Make your business viral on social media​.

Social media platforms are the best place to find maximum potential customers for your business, You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Find posts, articles or videos where you can smartly share information and put a link of your product or services to interested people who are already talking about it or want to get products or services which you also sell.

Use this tips and do a proper research of your market and your competitors before starting your online journey.

Good luck