There are so many small business ideas that which can not only make you become rich, but also it can make your life more colorful than before.

Following I’d like to recommend some wonderful small business ideas for you:

How to Create a Business Culture that Stands Up to Scrutiny - Small Business Trends

1 Online Store

You can start an online store or shop, and choose the special food,fashionable clothes or shoes, video game or instruments accessories,watches, teas, and so on to sell online.

1) Accessories for the cell phones: Like chargers, screen protection film for the iPhone and so on.

2) Flash Cards: Video games is very popular now, so many people needs the flash cards.

3) Watches: Still a lot of people need the watches.

4) Clothes or Food: Everyone needs to buy clothes or food from the shop.

2 Join the affiliate Marketing

There are so many companies which want to open the foreign market, at this moment, they need the local affiliates to help them to do the marketing with

paid commissions. So you can select some products, and be their affiliates. The more you sold, the more you can get in the near future.

3 Drop-Shipping

There is another way to start the business, that is, drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

4 Blogs with ads

You can also build your own blogs for the specific products, such as, blogger/WordPress/LiveJournal/Tumblr/over-blog and so on. And do it better, then you can have get some advertisers’ attentions with text-link ads or from the good Adwords.

5 Be the paid writer

There are a famous writer place, that is “iWriter”, we has used this platform and paid 5 USD Dollars for one article’s rectification.