Here are 5 best business models I have noted:

The Pyramid Model (Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox)

Works by recruiting an army of resellers and affiliates who are often paid on a commission-only model

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The Hypermarket Model (Amazon, Apple)

Effective by ‘brand bombing’ using sheer market power and scale to crush competition, often by selling below cost price

The Access-over-Ownership Model (Zipcar, Peerbuy, Airbnb)

This model provides temporary access to goods and services traditionally only available through purchase. Includes ‘Sharing Economy’ disruptors, which takes a commission from people monetizing their assets (home, car, capital) by lending them to ‘borrowers’

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The Experience Model (Tesla, Apple)

This model works by providing a superior experience, for which people are prepared to pay

The On-Demand Model (Uber, Operator, TaskRabbit)

A model that works by monetizing time and selling instant-access at a premium. Includes taking a commission from people with money but no time who pay for goods and services delivered or fulfilled by people with time but no money.