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  1. The success or earning of any online website, store even google and facebook depends upon traffic and this traffic means the users who are using these social media platforms.
  2. There services are free why? Because they want billions of users on there network.
  3. Now they have users on there network. Business related advertiser use these platforms to advertise there products. Google and facebook takes money for promotion. Many users try those product means buy them.
  4. Have you ever seen an ad before any video or in the middle. This is there earning source and they share with those creators also who create videos.
  5. Google own you tube big place for advertisers and creators. At you tube creators take 55% earning from ads and 45% goes to to you tube.
  6. Facebook promote pages groups and display ads you have seen many times these are there sources of earnings. If people stop using there services there source of income will shut down.
  7. That’s now clear if they have users they have ways of earnings.
  8. If they start charging there services. They will lose traffic, when no traffic then no earnings.
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