If you want to start your business but you don’t know which area is the most profitable, I suggest that you look at the 5 business trends of 2019:

1. Live video streaming

As of today, it is one of the most effective form of marketing. It is known that video is a powerful way of transmitting emotions and messages. Live video streaming goes even further than that by adding more personal, transparent and authentic value.

2. E-commerce

If products and services are now more easily accessible, it is thanks to e-commerce. It allows to expand the boundaries of your business, effectively reaching your target audience in different part of the world.

3. Social media and email marketing

We are living an era where digital marketing is king. For you to reach the widest audience possible, you have to engage in social medias campaigns as well as email campaigns which seems to be underrated by many companies.

4. Quality content

Quantity has been here for quite a while, but people are now fed up with it as they learned to see through it. They now prefer quality over quantity.

5. Customer experience will gain focus

It took a while, but it is now widely known that customers are the one giving real thrust to your business, not you. You will need to ensure satisfaction and earn feedback as it is a critical entry data point for your business to thrive.

Based on those 5 trends, you should be able to pinpoint more accurately a business that should suit you.

You can get more details and insights about those 5 trends by reading this article : 5If you’re lazy, here’s the TL;DR version of it !