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  1. Buy things you don’t need. Be impulsive. Life is too short.
  2. Buy the latest iPhone XS on the release date. Invest in your image. Be the first and pay the first price.
  3. Spend more than you earn. Live on credit.
  4. Want more than you have. Do not think too much. If you want it – buy it.
  5. The higher the price the better the quality. Use that rule.
  6. Buy everything you see in ADS.
  7. The more money, the more problems. Remember it always.
  8. Do not invest in education and growth. Invest in emotions. Guys like Buffet are too boring.
  9. Invest in hype stocks. FANG stocks are the best choice as of today.
  10. Go all in. Do not analyze before investing.
  11. Buy that showy car. Everyone must be jealous.
  12. Do not open your business. The odds are against you.
  13. Do not provide value more than the price. Work not more than 40 hours per week
  14. Life is a party. Remember that.
  15. Browse Instagram and YouTube. Books are boring and do not have pictures. In addition do not have a dream.