In order to teach children the skills to protect themselves ,it’s necessary to talk frankly .Personal safety strategies can be presented in the same manner as fire and traffic safety -with straightforward ,practical information and explanations .

Self-defense is anything that enables children to escape dangerous situations.It can be crossing the street if being followed ; not answering questions over the telephone ;refusing to open the door to a stranger ;saying no; screaming and yelling; making a scene; calling for help;running away ;talking calmly to an attacker ;pretending to cooperate with an attacker ;or physical resisting an assault .It is a state of mind and body that allows children to feel comfortable and secure .It’s the best belief that their own safety is more important than feelings of the assailant .And it’s the knowledge that they ‘re in control of their own well-being

Children need to be given rights over their bodies and feelings in order to prevent abuse and effectively .The following rights are crucial

1;The right to trust ones instinct and funny feelings .

2;The right to privacy .

3;The right to say no to unwanted touch or affection .

4;The right to question adult authority and to say no to adult demands and requests.

5;The right to lie and not answer questions.

6;The right to refuse gift.

7;The right to run,scream, and make a scene .

8; The right to bite,hit ,or kick.

9;The right to ask for help.

This article help parents to understand and teach their children how to protect themselves from assault and abuse, and how to feel both safe and empowered .