From my experience, I made 3 big mistakes during my journey. I’ll tell you a bit about them.

Not having the right mindset

When doubt takes over sucks!

We all have experienced those lousy thoughts of “you are never going to make it”, “what if this isn’t for you” or “maybe I will not be as successful as others”. Drive those thoughts away and believe in yourself. Write down a note every day or look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud: I’m capable, I’ll make it, I can do it! Positive thinking always pushes you forward. Even if you fail.. it doesn’t really matter! Which brings me to my second point

Not embracing failure

Failing is good..

At first is bitter. But failure is a great teacher and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. I have failed so many times I even lost count. But I learned the mistake here is not failing itself, is not embracing it. I wouldn’t have learned to be better and get ready for my best future in my online business if it wasn’t for failing so many times before. So.. take action and when you fail (because you will from time to time), embrace it. Damn.. sometimes I’ve even learned to love it because I know it will shape me for good 😉

Quitting my job too early

I had a terrible motivation to begin my journey..

I quit my job to pursue my journey as I was tired of the corporate life that I was involved with. But I started with ZERO capital. If you are doing an online business today, chances are that you can do it as a side hustle. If I could start again, I would keep a regular stream of income from a regular job while doing my online business on the side. Then, when it upscales and is sustainable, pull the trigger and quit. Work your butt off first! Because you need leverage. You don’t even need to start a business, you can also do other stuff online that will make you extra income on the side.


Now that I look back, I think my biggest mistake was being afraid of mistakes

I highly encourage you to not be afraid of this. In fact, a great way to learn about how to be a successful entrepreneur is to go out and make as many mistakes as necessary. It doesn’t matter if you blow some cash or execute poorly a business idea, you go out and DO IT. You will reap the good fruits later.