Many entrepreneurs, possibly most, start with little to no capital when they launch their businesses. So, if you have some money to invest, you’re ahead of the game. Instead of delving into one of the very cheapest ideas— like the businesses you can start for $2000 or less, you can go for something that requires a bit more money up front.

So, if you have 10K to start a business, here are some ideas:

Food Truck or Food Cart

If you haven’t noticed, food trucks and food carts are more than just hot dog and burger stands now. Many are on the cutting edge of excellent cuisine in the cities in which they operate. If you can cook and drive and you don’t mind putting in some long hours, you can have a successful business in the portable-restaurant space.

Coffee Bar/Tea Salon

You don’t have to go crazy here. We’re not talking about a full-blown restaurant, which is likely to be beyond the budget for this article. You can open a little place that has a nice selection of coffees and teas, and maybe some pastries and snacks. You could keep it open from early in the morning until just after lunch and catch the commuter and office crowds.

Find Unique products for business

In my opinion , choosing the innovative and practical product should be the most important thing for business . then is your business mind and market strategies. Now i am a distributor of a new smart house living product named “ifun pocket cinema”. Now it’s so welcomed in our city . i think it’s definitely the new trend of people’s life . With it , you don’t need to go to the cinema anymore , You can just enjoy your movies nights at your sofa or bed , and you can also take it to the grass land or beach to have the wonderful movie night with your families and friends . The effect won’t be worse than the high-end movie theater.

The ifun pocket cinema is of HD 1080P resolution , powerful build-in stereo and 4K video support .With the android system , the ifun pocket cinema allows your to download any apps including the TV live apps . So there is no doubt , it can replace your TV. Besides , you can use it for the office projection and you can take it to your customers’ office and make your business description.

I’m so appreciate for the opportunity. You can’t even imagine that i just invested for $300 to purchase the product and sell it in my city at first. I am not good at selling and I started to play movies in the neighborhood and squares. I couldn’t believe that it attracted so many people and i had made deals the first day. Now I have a team , we started to negotiate with the hotel owner for the hotel renovation projects . I think the smart projectors will definitely the trend of hotel. customers can also enjoy the movie topic rooms. and i has also been working on the student rental business . It’s so popular among the student’s . They’d love to rent a ifun pocket cinemafor the dating and the dormitory movie nights.

I think it’s also a great chance for you , cause the market is so huge ,and there is cake for everyone. Now the manufacturer is looking for the international distributors , if you are interested , you can get to know about this product and apply a sample to test it by yourself.