1.GMR Transcription:

This is a transcription company that hires transcribers of all levels and pay them according to their experience. The work mainly deals with transcribing online legal, general and medical Transcriptions.

They pay around 0.7$ to 1.25$ per minute of audio. All you need is fill out the application form on their website and appear for an online transcription test.

Your selection will depend on the results of the test and if you got selected, then salary will be decided.

2. Quicktate:

Offers you transcription tasks of various types such as audio files, legal and medical files, conference calls and voicemails.

Good spelling and grammatical knowledge and some background experience in transcription are necessary. Apply here.

3. Rev:

If you are someone who looks for unlimited earning opportunities, then Rev.com exactly suits you.

This is the only site that offers 24/7 credit to the network clients, they’ve gained over years through trustworthy work. Not just the clients but even the workers are more than satisfied with the way they handle things. May it be allocating work, or timely payments every week. I am sure you’ll have a great transcribing time.

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  1. InboxDollars (for residents of the United States).
  2. InboxPounds (for residents of the United Kingdom).
  3. DailyRewards (for residents of Canada).

4. Tigerfish:

If you are someone who has just begun transcription then Tigerfish is the best for you. No experience needed to take up jobs, but you have to be a resident of US.

You need to appear for a transcription test and once passed you’ll be allotted tasks continuously. The more you work the more you earn.

5. TranscribeMe:

Listing down the line doesn’t make this company any lesser. Very much similar the best in all terms except the workflow.

The tasks are shorter not more than a few seconds and as less a few seconds. Once it is finished you have to wait for another.

But that’s not at all a big deal if you’re someone who likes to take breaks in between tasks. They also pay weekly through PayPal. Signup here.

6. PacificTranscription:

Deals with transcription jobs related to medical, finance and legal works. They hire people from many countries.

All you need is some background knowledge about transcription and a typing speed not less than 60 words per minute. Join today!

7. Appenscribe:

An Australian based company that hires freelance transcribes all over the world. Check more to join.


The name itself describes the enterprise. They look for someone who can cast words that means they offer both translations as well as transcribing jobs. Continuous workflow and timely payments are assured.


This enterprise mainly deals with transcription tasks related to entertainment industry such as subtitles, closed captions for movies as well as tv shows.

They hire people only after passing their test mainly consists of tasks related to accuracy in typing, spelling, and grammar.

The requirements for the job are a headset, foot pedal, and a speedy internet connection. Join Terescription today!

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  1. SurveyJunkie (Best and popular platform for paid surveys).
  2. Vindale Research ($5 – $50 per each survey).

10. Scribe.com:

Scribe offers you tasks related to transcription of podcasts, interviews or other videos. You need to apply for the job through their website and appear for the exam.

Work is served in first come basis. You can work according to your flexibility. They pay is around 6$-10$ per hour.

11. Daily Transcription:

Offers various tasks related to legal, post-production, and academic transcription projects.

You can work as a freelance transcriber and no experience required.

You can get tasks as per your demand and you can work at your flexibility. They recruit around US and Canada. Signup here.

12. BamTranscription:

If you seek entertainment while working, then BamTranscription is for you. All you need is watch a movie or a tv show and make closed captions or subtitles for it.


Offers transcription tasks related to corporate, legal and financial sectors. Join this company today.

14. Capital Typing:

Offers a wide range of tasks from medical Transcriptions, financial, corporate, legal, to closed captions, subtitles for movies and tv shows.

15. Cyber Dictate:

An enterprise that deals only with general transcription tasks and hire transcribers only from the US.

Having a good headset, foot pedal, transcription software is mandatory. Signup today!

16. Expedict:

Offers tasks related to verbatim Transcriptions. Check more for info.

17. Mulberry Studios:

Offers transcription tasks that require some specialized knowledge in business, technology, fashion, finance, travel, movies, legal and medical.
Must have transcription experience and at least 70-80 words per minute typing speed. Signup here today!

18. Transcription 2000:

A premium transcription service company that provides transcription services related to legal and financial audio files.

You need to fill the expression of interest form and you will be invited to take the test. Once you pass the test, you can start earning. Join here today!


Medically related transcription tasks. At least one year experience in the field in medical transcription. Hires only US residents.

Offers tasks related to legal Transcriptions.

Typing speed of at least 80 wpm is mandatory and the person should not have any criminal background. Join WeScribeIt today.

20. Pioneer Transcription Services:

Hires transcribers with experience to work on legal transcription tasks. In addition, you need to have good spelling, grammar skills, and good typing skills. Join Pioneer Transcription today!

21. WayWithWords:

Hires freelance transcribers from all over the world. Deals mainly with legal, medical and financial transcription jobs.

Application and selection process is quite tough but offers great returns for your hard work once you get in. Join WayWithWords company today!

22. Hollywood Transcriptions:

Offers various transcription jobs related to legal, general, entertainment, corporate, business and finance Transcriptions.

You must have a typing speed of 65 words per minute and accuracy of 100%. Join now.

23. SameDayTranscriptions:

Offers tasks related to general, medical, corporate and business Transcriptions. Signup link here.

24. AccuTran Global:

A Canada based enterprise that offers mostly financial and medical transcription tasks. Join here.

25. Verbal Ink:

Verbal Ink offers exceptional transcription and translation works.

Links some more best sites that offer transcription jobs were given below. Do check them all, you’ll get what you need for sure.

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  2. Vindale Research ($5 – $50 per each survey).

Want to know more companies? here is the list below!

  1. Verbal Fusion
  4. Birch Creek Communications
  5. GoTranscript
  6. Focus Forward
  7. Speak Write
  8. American High Tech Transcends
  9. Allegis
  10. Net Transcripts

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Here are the 35 companies that offer online transcription jobs for work at home people. Pick the best company and start working. Hope this list helps you to make some extra cash from your home.

If you still have any queries regarding this article, leave a comment below or contact me anytime. I am always happy to help.